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a happy, harmless little hallucinogen that makes for a good time with good planning.
i had a blast on shrooms, but it did take some effort from my friends to control my moods. you basically have to decide to be happy, and that nothing matters, because your emotions are fairly extreme. if something bothers you a little, you'll want to cry, etc. two friends and i did them together, and we were around mostly people who had done them before- which i recommend. the friend with us who hadn't done them really bothered me, and i eventually had to stay away from him because he kept messing with me.

in addition to sharing the shrooms with friends, it's good to go with someone who's done shrooms before but isn't shrooming. i had a really good time for the most part. i stared at a lot of things for a long time.. the ceiling, a fan blade with interesting wood grain, etc. some visuals were just too much to look at. our phrase for the night was, "it doesn't matter"... any time something would bother you you had to just decide not to give a shit and move on. i laughed a lot, and kept repeating phrases over and over. i talked the whole night about things that i like, and don't like, and asking people about the things they liked. i was also really good at beer pong for some reason, but i had a friend drink all the beer.

i was a happy camper until i smoked pot, and then i got really really paranoid... i kept thinking that i was poisoned (which i was of course) and that i was going to die (which, of course, i wasn't). i think i just don't really like being that high, though. i smoked more than i normally would because i thought i'd like it on shrooms, and i was wrong. for people who smoke a lot of pot, though, the two mix fine. my friends all got high with no problem.

stuff said while on shrooms:

yeah, man. YEAH! yeaaah i LIKE that! (this was said many times, usually followed by fits of laughter)

i just like the way it feels watching the color come off the marker and on the paper.. (referring to drawing circles with a highlighter)

i think believing in religion is like believing in cinderella. i mean, nothing wrong with cinderella. but people could be like, "yeah i'm christian," and i'd be like, "i'm johnny appleseed," you know?

i never liked snow white. guys kissing girls who are passed out? i'm against that. and the seven dwarfs? little guys? what the hell? you know what's also a crazy concept? smurfs. that is crazy. you know, the little blue guys running around in the woods? always happy? were there any girl smurfs? just one? what, were they just all gay, and just one straight one, and she was his girlfriend? i'm gonna look into that.

you know what would be really cool? if you had a parrot. one that talked. that would be really cool. you know like a red, what are those birds called? a parrot? why do i think of a parrot as like, a small bird? i want a BIG parrot. that'd be crazy.
by Jess likes shrooms a lot April 26, 2007

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