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someone of a borderline autistic nature; an idiot savant.
"Dude, you can't even add. How did you know that fact, rainman?"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
why? Because your eyes get all squinty.
"Dude, I am so chinked, I can't smoke anymore"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
An expression, usually insinuating that someone is retarded. Sometimes accompanied by trying to bite your own ear, or smacking your hand across your chest.
After someone says something very stupid:
by Jes F October 16, 2003
A ghetto whore, or trashy woman. You know the kind.
"Damn! That bitch looks like she bathes in piss. Get a job, chewda!"
by Jes F October 12, 2003
n: uncontrollable twitching, usually due to drug overdose.
"Yo, someone get D-rod under control, he's got the palsy!"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
Combination of "white" and "nip".
see wapanese
"Dude, these stupid wip virgins are really pissing me off with the whole Final Fantasy cosplaying thing"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
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