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1. A weekend dedicated to continuous gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

2. The first weekend following the release of the Nintendo Wii.

3. An anonymous gathering of gay Catholics that usually lasts for two days.
I thought Reverend Joseph meant he was going to play Wii over his planned "wii-kend", but it turns out he was going to pound Reverend David.
#catholic #wii #nintendo #gay #geek #nerd #game
by Jerry R. Sun December 30, 2006
1. A Caucasian person who attempts to emulate the mannerisms associated with African Americans, hip hop culture, or The Cosby Show; while playing a Nintendo Wii.

2. A Caucasian person who designs his Mii's with dark skin to gain a false sense of acceptance in the black community.

3. A black person who spends a great deal of time playing the Nintendo Wii
My cousin is such a Wii-gger. Sometimes I just want to lynch him.
#wii #nigger #wigger #nintendo #lynch
by Jerry R. Sun December 30, 2006
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