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A word that went from 2 definitions to 37 definitions on UD in just one day. Thanks to Trey and Matt.
South park aired an episode where Kenny got high off of cat pee and they called it cheesing. Now every South Park/Urban Dictionary freak like me has to add his/her/it's definition.
by Jerry Lambert March 27, 2008
When you huff male cat pee to get high.
"Hey you guys wanna go cheese?"
"Dude I am totally cheesing right now."
Where is that darned cat? I wanna get my cheese on!"
by Jerry Lambert March 26, 2008
An event in which Pediculus capitis or more commonly known as Lice are collected and put into a special capsule that will be launched with the next space shuttle mission by NASA. The codename given to the project is "Flied Lice". The following mission using the same technology is code named "Scratching The Crab Nebulas Surface".
Sally rode. Now it is time for a new shine, I now present, Flied Lice.
by Jerry Lambert May 08, 2006

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