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a game played between a guy and a girl, which is pretty good foreplay. the girl tries to get the guy up by touching him anywhere but his 'funparts,' and the guy tries to keep it down as long as he can.

its more like a race against time or a demonstration of ur ladyfriend knowing what u like.
"dude, i was playing the boner game with emma and becky, and emma TOTALLY CHEATED" "no way broski what happened?" "i was totally winning, then emma just reaches down and grabs my cock! she tried to even deny it when i brought it up later!" "that BITCH!" " i know right" "seriously."

"hey kate, this movie sucks, wanna play the boner game?" "sure! your mom just told me some of ur secret fetishes so im guarenteed to win!"
by Jeremy and Ryan March 28, 2008
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