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From the latin root "Chincea regis" meaning Lord of the chince. This is usually something that a rare percentage of individuals are born with. Some signs of this rare disease are eg. red hair, a lack of money, constant complaining, always trying to get an extra couple cents no matter what.
Dan Smith is such a chince king. I actually saw him stealing pennies out of a wishing well so he could use the vending machine. He even asks hobos for spare change. That fire piece of shit
by Jeremy Marty-Dougas December 06, 2006
A rare deformity occuring in the penis where the width of the shaft is longer than the entire penis.
Brandon Harvey got pantsed the yesterday. We all laughed at him because he has a cheswick
by Jeremy Marty-Dougas December 06, 2006
A man who pretends to be heteroexual but secretly owns a dildo and has multiple subscriptions to homosexual pornographic magazines. Therefore making the subject a homosexual in denial.
Dude I can't believe we found all that gay porn in Dan Smith's backpack. He's definately a closet case.
by Jeremy Marty-Dougas December 06, 2006
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