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Thugga- thugga is a very complex word and should only be used by the brightest of individuals. Thugga can be said to somebody who is being totally mangy or to somebody who is actually cool. So sometimes you can say "stop bein so thugga" instead of "stop being so aggravating even tho you are my homie you thugg"
"Yo thugga" "Hey, just the 'thug' i wanted to see...hooomie" "Yo thugga, you only say thugg with two g's"
by Jeremy Howard July 27, 2004
Mangy- Anyone who tries to be totally thugga but is actually being a gangsta thugga and might aggravate you for a moment. You then call these people things like mangy or thugga. Although thugga is actually cool, it can also be said to someone who is being mangy.
"Yo thugga" "Yo what is up my happenin homie g funk daddy" "Hey gangsta thugg, lay off the cripto slang and stop bein so mangy"
by Jeremy Howard July 27, 2004

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