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2 definitions by Jeremiah C

At a party, that one person that doesn't seem to know anyone except for you. They continually follow you around and insist on hanging out with you afterward. For the full effect, must start off nice, yet become incredible annoying.
A: "Dude, I got leeched by Anna last night."
B: "That sucks."
by Jeremiah C November 07, 2005
5 1
When a man develops an erection pointing downward, which is then required to be rotated to where it points up. It takes its name from Daylight Savings Time, when you have to change your clock back.
Anna: "Jeremiah! That's gross. Don't do that."
Jeremiah: "It's Daylight Saving Time"
Anna: "Okay, no big deal"
by Jeremiah C April 04, 2006
5 23