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An Australian from (Obiously) the country of Australia & is native blood & is as 'BLOODY ELL! PROUD! to be from Australia'

also a person from the BEST! country in the WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDD!!!
Aussie, Australian, kid from Australia, Steve Irwin, person from Australia
by Jer-HEY! November 12, 2008
a Slang word for something derived from simply the word something just with a u as the o and no g giving you sumthin; has the same meaning as something but easyier to spell
In an AIM or MSN messager conversation

"Yo dude you gotta come over & see what I got"
"what is it?"
"SUMTHIN! It's awesome just come over and check it out dude."
by Jer-Hey! June 20, 2008
A word that mean absolutley and fantastically AMAZING!!! basically a word to use insted of amazingley (use Boom) and for absolutley fantastic (use tastic) BOOMTASTIC!!!
Dude 1: "WOAH!!!! that was totally Boomtastic dude!"

Dude2: "Richeous! how'd he do that?"

Street Skating Dude: "Yeah...I'm just that Boomtastic!"
by Jer-Hey! June 26, 2011
a person who thinks they are right all of the time despite actual correct facts which can contradict their beliefs they stand proud and believe/yell that they are right, they try to be the bigger man to smaller/skinnier kids/people; they tend to try and make fun of people who won't "fight back"
Oh man he was such a Dickhead to me I told him that the way you do the problem is this way and he said to me...NO IT'S THIS WAY! YOU FAGGOT! shut up!
by Jer-Hey! June 14, 2010

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