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2 definitions by Jer-HEY!!

The most efficent & memorable Catch phrase of the 1970's when the hit show 'HAPPY DAYS' Aired on CBS as said by the ever famous character Fonzie! or the Fonz.......
mostley it would be used to call a friend who is accross the street or to say 'as a modern day cool kid would say' HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or eyyyyyyy!!!!!!
so it's basically a term used to call someone over & to get their attention
AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" JOEY! WHAT'S HAPPENIN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jer-HEY!! September 22, 2008
'Free mans' Arts

A way of expressing yourself freely with no penalty
Liberal Arts: an Artist becoming an 'Artist' without any type of limitation
by Jer-HEY!! September 22, 2008