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Yool is a joyous word explaining one's bottled up excitement. Yool is usually expressed in a shrieky scream of "Yool!" Yool also is associated with Christmas, this celebration being the 25 days of Yool.
1. Jenna- Today was very fun

Sarah- Yes, I agree, today was a very yoolful celebration.
#noost #neesty #nast #coose #dis #haytch
by Jennico and NinjaNoost May 15, 2010
An abbreviated version of "I hate you," often said for fun or jealousy.
Person one- Yum i got a new matty(mattress).
Person two- Nasty haytch!
#noost #neesty #nast #coose #dis #yool
by Jennico and NinjaNoost May 15, 2010
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