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All of you are wrong. It stands for Pretty Small Penis.
WOW, Jake has a PSP. And did you really play it??? Thats gross!!!
by Jenna Lover April 30, 2005
Can we spell???

it's spelles friends with benefits
Squeeze me harder Jenna.
by Jenna Lover March 03, 2005
Stands for Mother Fucking Retard
Billy: Ouch! (runs into wall)
Jimmy: Wow, you are a MFR!
by Jenna Lover December 26, 2006
A person who belongs the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Ltter-day Saints. Most of the inhabitants of Utah. have a three hour church session every sunday execpt for three. They can have soda. They follow a strict diet which calls for not achaol or tabocco. they are asked NOT forced to pay 10% of all of their income to the church. they are also asked NOT told to go on a two year "mission" for the church. The church was restored not founded by Joseph Smith.
I am a mormon. And i am proud of it.
by Jenna Lover April 04, 2005
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