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fernando torres is the one of the best strikers in the world and is extremely talented when it comes to scoring goals, modeling, not being able to speak english and looking super hot!!!
he had the best abs and is a grass devouring sex tornado!!!
that guy is total fernando torres
he is freaking hot!
look at his washboard abs
#sex bomb #el nino #torres #nando #liverpool's number 9
by jen z October 31, 2009
probably the hottest man a live and the biggest jerk in the world. He is a crybaby with a perfectly tan and ripped body. HE also is a very talented soccer player who has made the number 7 an awesome number!!! But everyone hates him and he needs to get over himself, except he is total sex bomb!
dude that guy is such a cristiano ronaldo
i know he is such a freak
#freak #crybaby #sex bomb #ronnie #cr 7
by jen z October 31, 2009
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