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Also known as:
my mamma's mamma's baby
g-pappa's wife

1. A sarcastic insult.
2. A lame insult.
Jerome: Hey Pumba, you're such a mother!
Alan: Pumba? I'm Alan!
Jerome: Whatever, you stupid mother!
by Jemima Hootensnancle October 29, 2007
Often found in McDonalds hamburgers.
Jerome: Shit, dude! I just found a set of crotch spiders in my burger!
Alan: That's nasty shit, man.
Pumba: Mhm.
by Jemima Hootensnancle October 29, 2007
When someone is acting dumb, they are a dumby. The logical spelling of the popular word dummy.

Pronounced (DUM-b-EE)
Jerome: Gosh, Alan, you're being such a dumby!
Alan: What the hell, Jerome? Dumby? What is that?
Jerome: You're being dumb. You're a dumby!
by Jemima Hootensnancle October 29, 2007
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