1 definition by Jeff the Outsider

A word that some girls, particularly the shallow ones, label guys who are intelligent, shy or both. The word nerd also comes to mind. I don't understand that logic, but that's how some girls are, I guess.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there. Why's he looking all shy? Guys aren't supposed to be shy.
Girl 2: Maybe it's because he's a lame. I bet he doesn't have any friends.
Girl 3: Don't judge that man! For all we know, he may be really intelligent and nice. We should get to...
Girl 2: Yeah, whatever. I still think he's a lame.
Girl 1: You said it, girl. Shy guys are lame.
Girl 3: *sighs*
by Jeff the Outsider March 17, 2009

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