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BBS acronym for "Ren Pin Wen Ti", which is Chinese, roughly meaning "get over it, it's not your fault, maybe it's because your moral quality is not good." This can be always used to explain the different outcomes of two same tings done by different people. Of course it's just for fun
Chihuahua: "Dammit! I got caught the only time I was cheating!"
Chimpanzee: "RPWT"
by Jeff Zhao August 30, 2006
Abbreviation for "Under the Crown", meaning to print a number indicating a certain amount of money under the crown of a bottle of beer or something as a way to boost outlet sales. In order to cash these crowns, you need to collect and return them to the Brewery, though this is usually done by sales people instead of the restaurant owners or beer dealers themselves.
A:San Miguel launched a $0.5 UTC promotion in Guangzhou.
by Jeff Zhao September 15, 2006
Chinese hot hip female high school or junior high students who spend their lunchtime in McDonald's in Guangzhou. Part of their job at that time is to bond with friends and peacock. They are tiny bimbos actually.
A: Look at that chick over there. What a McDonald's princess!

B: You are right. She is really hot.
by Jeff Zhao August 29, 2006

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