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5 definitions by Jeff Greenberg

Verb meant to describe any situation where two females engaged in lesbian lust spread their legs wide open facing each other. Then they hook up their meat pockets by sreading around each other's vag. Kicking their legs jumping jack-style is an exciting finishing move to go along with scissor action.
"Dominique to friends: 'I haven't scissored that well since Freshman Orientation, and I'm not talking about any sharp objects!'"
by Jeff Greenberg October 21, 2003
1352 253
A immature person who is constantly scheming to do dirty deeds, usually with little actual result, but an enjoyable process. Tinksters are incredibly mischievous and are always finding and getting into trouble. Tinkster is similar in character makeup to the word "stinker", a synonym.
That tinkster just thrashed my room and is now trying to find my Mountain Dew so he can steal some.
by Jeff Greenberg May 19, 2004
47 11
While having sexual intercourse with a girl from behind, light up a cigarette pre-coitus. Then, before you blow your load, stick the lit end of the cigarette into her back and hold her there will it burns her skin. Finally, let it flow on top of the heat, hence earning its name due to the illusion of steaming hot porridge.
"I knew he had little respect for women, but the fact that he gave her hot porridge is simply detestable."
by Jeff Greenberg October 06, 2003
19 5
When put in a situation where one must release intestinal gas in a group surrounding, said person makes a fake fart noise with the hand on the mouth just as the fart is released. The trickery comes in all the people around you thinking the fart was fake, while in actuality there was a dual fart noise they could not pick up on.
"When Steve pulled a fartfinagle on the girls, it was so believable that they thought he made it smell so bad using his hand."
by Jeff Greenberg October 17, 2003
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A sidewinder is when you put a dip into the side of your mouth, preferably near the molars. The reason for this is that your gums in the middle have been eaten up so badly by years of dipsky abuse that a dip can no longer reside there.
"Wes wasn't scared of oral cancer: he pulled a sidewinder for a month, even though his back tooth fell out after 2 weeks."
by Jeff Greenberg October 20, 2003
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