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Definition: Garbage. That Should be Set on Fire

What a huge waste of money for a car that doesn't even look like a Porsche.
Then, have fun paying to repair the fuckin piece of shit. In no time you'll have paid more in repairs than how much you actually paid for the car which is way too overpriced.
Its not even that fast...its fuckin shitty when you race a car that cost less than half of yours and they beat you.
Cruise control works when it wants to....
Leaks shit all the time.
So lets re-cap: Expensive, ugly, really ugly, unreliable...

How do I know all this? I USED TO HAVE ONE! WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE...


And to anyone who loves this car...What the hell...seriously. What is wrong with you..
"Some say Porsche's are not built to perfection"...because THEY AREN'T. The Porsche 968 SUCKS
by Jeff Collins October 10, 2007

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