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A slurr often said by Rick James
im Rick James biotch
by Jeff March 17, 2004
v.the act of deficating in a toilet, releasing the turd at the point of flushing when there is no water in the bowl, so as to cause the turd to stick on the porcelean in a mannar which makes it difficult to remove.
joe drydocked daves can, frustrating dave who had to scrape the turd off later using johns shoe.
by jeff February 24, 2003
Shannon Nolan. <3 She is the most stellar person ever.
Shannon is so stellar!
by jeff April 22, 2005
a hillbilly from texas whos hard working and is called a redneck for show offy way of doing things like a texan.
hank hill and con from king of the hill show
by jeff January 23, 2005
a lazy stiff whos brother in law is also his unkle and mother is his wife and his daughter is his causin and are definitly from TEXAS!
WATCH TV! and look for your nearest trailer park tree house and might see some.
by jeff January 23, 2005
The face made buy a guy when a girl "accidently" uses her teeth.
Dude, sally made me grimace the other day, and I wanted to cry
by Jeff January 13, 2004
A put down for older women who have a bad sense of style and go to bars looking for younger men. Short for cougar.
Check out the cougs that just walked in.
by Jeff May 07, 2005

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