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Another name for Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. It's a nickname that she got from being so quirky.
Peeves:Potter luuuuurves Loony!
by Jedi Master Luna February 03, 2006
Used in MSN conversations, when you see/read/whatever something that is really hot/cute/sweet/nice etc.
MSNer 1: Hey! Check out this superhawt RyRo picture (:

MSNer 2: OMGAH! He's so cute!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
Used when someone feels the need to make lol (Laugh out loud) more interesting.
This someone is normally a twit.
Person: And I was like nooooo!
Twit: Lolaphant XD
by Jedi Master Luna May 03, 2006
Used after saying something random to show you're finished with the randomness.
Person: I totally don't know what to wear for the dance tomorow!
Person 2: I just ate a kiwi and it was nice./random
by Jedi Master Luna July 30, 2006
Dumblesnape is the word for the strange people who ship Dumbledore and Snape. In other words people who think they should be a couple.

Idiot 1: Aww don't you think Dumbledore and Snape would make a great couple!?

Idiot 2: AW yeah! Dumblesnape!
by Jedi Master Luna February 03, 2006
Basically aww 'cept even more aww-ey.
Gal: Eeee Look at my new kitten!

Gal 2: Awsh! It's so cute!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
To mock or make fun of emos.
Dude, that picture is totally emock!

Yeah, emos are such losers!
by Jedi Master Luna August 01, 2006

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