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Often a less attractive friend who remains close in social situations, ready to break up an encounter between her girlfriend and a potential gentleman caller. Most often the Destroyer will barge in if her girlfriend is engaging in conversation with a man, and insist that they need to leave the party/bar.

Like the military definition of the Destroyer, the social scene Destroyer is a smaller, less significant ship that circles the larger boats of the fleet, to protect against air attacks or submarines.

Unlike the wing man, the Destoryer's male counterpart, the Destoryer's main function is not to aid the female necessarily, rather to thwart the male and concurrently assure that she won't be left to her lonesome. Thus while the wing man is selfless, the Destroyer is self serving.

With proper planning, a man can use his wing man to intercept the Destroyer, increasing the likelihood of uninterrupted conversation with the target.
Male 1: Hey, how did things go on Friday? I saw you hitting it off with Karen.

Male 2: Yeah, things were going well, and I think she was into me, but then the Destroyer came and insisted that the both of them had to leave. Wish you could have been there to intercept.
by Jed Cooper March 23, 2008

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