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1. to arrive slowly.
2. a relative inability to understand a joke, expression, or concept.
John: You didn't think that joke was funny?
Laura: ...
Laura: Oh, (laughing) I get it now. The punch line must have come in by freight.
by Jeb Balise February 09, 2008
verb - to flick a person or object using your thumb and another finger, usually the middle one.
John pea snucked his brother in an effort to shoo him away.
by Jeb Balise November 15, 2007
verb - to fail in a course or exam.
I can't believe how many students were out at the bar last night. Our entire class is going to park this exam.

Laura is going to park calculus if she doesn't start studying soon.
by Jeb Balise February 09, 2008

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