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The National Pimp Association.
The NPA was started by SuperWoman and Daddy. After that they recently added Popcorn. After that they added Gendi, and then later Kangaroo.
Gendi is the first to come up with the game of Truth and Truth, although it was started with SuperWoman. It is currently made up of four boys, and one girl, though the NPA is considering adding Lie-ziah. The board of T/T is composed of Daddy, Popcorn and SuperWoman. This all-american 'group' of friends have a lot of fun together. All boys go to one school, and all (one/two) girls go to a separate school from the boys with each other. There's a bit of 'scandalous' questions asked about the NPA, though they are a wholesome group of friendly kids, having fun and making a joke. This was started when SuperWoman became 'BIFFLES' with Daddy.

Origin of Names:
SW - SuperWoman - R.F decided male super heros we're better and R.W was giving this name for being a rebel.
Daddy - Daddy 'Whore' Friez - Daddy is originated when R. W met W.B and decided that he needed a nickname, he tried to type a drum role, and typed dadadadad.. which looks like dad, hence daddy. Whore is from him just not talking sometimes, and it is a joke. Friez, is because for two weeks all he talked about was Dollar Fries from McDonalds and 'Choco Fraps' from Starbucks.
Popcorn - S.A spilled six dollar popcorn all over the place and got butter on W.B2 (W.B is different)
Gendi - Gendi's last name rearranged is Gendi.
Kangaroo - Kang is his name... and it just worked.
OPTIONAL: Lie-zia...Un Known.

Please Note: SW named everyone BUT herself, Popcorn named her SW.
T/T is fun, until we add Matt F. then its just weird.

SW: Lets get the NPA together...
Gendi: Okay, let's. Movies, saturday. Just us, pizza, T/T?
SW: Sounds good.

there as hot as the members of the NPA! OMG. Thats hot.
by Jealouz April 30, 2008

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