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the day bob marley died and to pay repsect and to remember him it was named 'national pot smoking day'.
"dude, its 420. lets go smoke some pot"
by Jessica April 20, 2005
another way of sharing your care of love with a friend
We need to share some bootyism with Tayler and Jessica.
by Jessica December 17, 2003
Cadillac-the best iEMSer eva ololo
Cadillac is cooler than your mom.
by JESSICA April 22, 2005
the black thingys that are on your arm and penis.
The black thingys were hurting Nina while giving Jake a blowjob
by Jessica February 11, 2005
Look in the mirror....that's a douchbag!
your a douchbag
by Jessica February 05, 2004
using leather objects for sexual pleasure.
I need bondage to feel satisfyed
by jessica February 21, 2003
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