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Abbreviation for

I'm eating peanut butter and watching Law and Order
Bill: Hey Ben whaddaya doing?
Ben: Iepbawlao!
Bill: NOice
by Jazz Donkey April 21, 2005
A chunky chicken munchie.
Sooooooo chunky.
Or it can be a pair of pliers!
Steve: Can I have a chicken munchie?
Paul: Yeah ok pick one
Steve: I pick that one!
Paul: You can't have that one! That one is chunk dude!
Steve: Why can't I have a fully sick munchie.
Paul: Ya mum
by Jazz Donkey July 04, 2004
the word 'mong' means retard, commonly used as an insult
The person who is reading this is a mong
by Jazz Donkey April 06, 2004
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