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2 definitions by Jayson from Boston

A form of Japanese animation - japanime - that includes series like Pokemon and Digimon, and pretty much every japanese animated show that ends with 'mon' which is Jamaican for 'man'. This term is used pejoratively to undermine the quality of these shows.
Jamiacan guy: I don't even consider Pokemon a real Japanime mon.
Me: Yeah dude, if anything it's Jamaicanime
Jamaican guy: (Laughing) Ya Mon.
by Jayson from Boston February 23, 2007
1) Term used to describe the RPG Launcher in the xBox 360 game Gears of War. Also called Boom Shot. 2) Any Gears of War character who uses the Boom Shot (RPG Launcher)
1) Every time I blow their asses with the Boomer, they quit the XboX live multiplayer game.
2) Boomers ain't got nothing on me because I am too quick with the shotty.
by Jayson from Boston February 23, 2007