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Kappa Pi Sigma is a Co-ed Organization (Fraternity/sorority) founded Feburary 11, 2001 in Terrill , Texas. A great founder started this Organization
at Southwestern christain College, a school with christain Views and beliefs. Anthony the founder wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity and sorority that would exemplify the ideals of Unity, scholarship, and service.

The colors are black, silver and pink while the mascot is the knight of Night and Light. The Pink really stand for the sorority of Kappa Pi sigma also know as sweethearts

In 2008 a Kay Pi Sig memeber named Joshua attended Prairie View A & M University and had a good idea. He was going to bring Kay Pi up by introducing it to an University. Kappa Pi Sigma Didn't have a Chapter or havn't even been recongized at all. then one day He join forces with an proud member of Zeta Phi Beta inc. they both made this happen.

Kappa Pi Sigma is a Fraternity of Black & Silver
Kappa Pi Sigma is a Sorority of black, silver and pink

Kay Pi !!! IS NOT MU alpha NU

by Jaybee87 April 02, 2008

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