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Any individual who has teeth that are so "jacked up" it looks as though that person has been chewing on rocks.
"That girl last night had the most fucked up teeth I have ever seen."

"Yeah, she was a definite rock biter."
by Jay Wilkins January 08, 2006
To take a massive, stinky shit while someone is in the middle of a hot and steamy shower, thus creating an extremely unpleasant, thick, musty, and inesacapable shit smell throughout the bathroom.
My wife was taking a shower this morning so I decided to bless her with a london fog.
by Jay Wilkins January 06, 2006
An alcoholic beverage consisting of the liquor 99 Bananas, Whiskey, and Chocolate Syrup. Preferably served as a shooter.
I was at the bar last night and ordered a round of Monkey Shits.
by Jay Wilkins January 06, 2006
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