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2 definitions by Jay Two

adjective; The strongest, the greatest, the best asset to any life function or substance, whether mathematical or more importantly involving any cultural situations that focus on righteousness.
That GI JOE action figure is the granadon of all things plastic.

Your best feature is your granadial smile.
by Jay Two October 28, 2004
Is a filler word as it can mean almost anything. It's the word that everyone uses, when people assume they know what your talking about.

As a Noun. a weenie, a moron, a jerk off.

Verb. to take care of business.

It can mean a thousand different things. Of Italian origin.
This guy's a real scaddabush.

Let me get a cheeseburger with scaddabush on the side.
(Watch as the waiter agrees, assuming you mean fries)

I took her in the back and we scaddabushed.
by Jay Two February 18, 2011