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One who expends an inordinate amount of time and effort inventing words, sayings and expressions (and subsequently their definitions) in a vain, feeble and pointless attempt to contribute to modern culture, have that contribution published on Urban Dictionary for all to see (including acquaintances who are totally disinterested and unimpressed: see below), and to be seen as 'individual'.

Urban Addicts are the internet equivalent of the kid at school who is normal and not particularly popular, yet thinks that by wearing a leather jacket/not shaving his bum fluff/dying her hair and by attempting to speak in a vernacular slightly removed from the local norm that he/she is a bit of an independent rebel (even though nobody - not even the powers that be - cares enough to notice or do anything about it).

You know who you are, Urban Dictionary trolls. Quit it.
I see another Urban Addict has arbitrarily invented yet another word or saying that not one other person in the entire history of the Anglophonic world has ever used.
by Jay K March 17, 2006

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