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a slang word for brooklyn, NY
goin to brooknam
by jay dee March 30, 2004
Crap football team
Savage is a prick and he plays for Birmingham City
by Jay Dee April 28, 2004
Somebody who has a nose which resembles a mans penis.

Often found to have poor weed on there floors.
Tom Churchman is a knob nosed bastard
by Jay Dee April 26, 2004
Somebody who is a member of a group but not a major part, he hangs around in the 'fringes'. Generally tries to act cool but fails.
That fringe member who looks like a girl just tried to buy my friendship.
by Jay Dee April 26, 2004
poor weed is a substitute for carpet in many money-impared households.

The homeowners have to go out in the woods at night and find the poor weed to garnish there floors with.

It is also used as a storage device for Feces.
Tom Churchman the knob nosed bastard goes out at night looking for poor weed.
by Jay Dee April 26, 2004
The exact origins of this word are unknown

It is often used as a reply when met with the insult 'You annoy me'

Only used by blonde psychos, When they are trying to sound serious but fail.

or someone with the body of a moose and the head of a chicken
J*ngo : You annoy me
S*r*h : You annoy me! Chicken Moose!

Or Jesus Christ mate, Is that a Chicken Moose?????
by Jay Dee April 26, 2004

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