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2 definitions by Jay Critchley

A cheap cocktail to recover from a shopping spree at Wal Mart.
"Three hours of shopping is enough...I'm ready for a Wal Martini cocktail."

"Let's have a Wal Martini party!"

After a day of shopping, surprise your friends with a cheap Wal Martini.
by Jay Critchley February 12, 2006
The fear generated by the Bush administration, more toxic than the Flu-of-the-month scares such as SARS and the Avian Flu. The surgical mask has become a symbol of silencing and intimidation.
Georgi-Flu, noun. We need to protect ourselves from the Georgi-Flu pandemic. We need to develop a political vaccine as an antidote to Georgi-Flu.
by Jay Critchley December 28, 2005