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Those fine hotties you see on a Saturday night in their little tight ass skirts, tits poppin out, legs all tanned - if you catch a good night, their all fucked up by 1:30 and you can go nuts on 'em.
Jay - "Guy, check out that little 'bukie' with the big ass tits!!"
Hottie - "Shutup you pervert"
Joe F. - "You're so Ledia!!!!"
by Jay - He is the One May 30, 2005
Opposite of ledia. The term referring to a "fine piece of ass in a club".
Fine girl walks by...

Joe: "You're good, you little bukie"
Hottie: "Get a life, pervert"
Joe: "Fuck you, you're so ledia"

(bouncer grabs Joe by his hair and throws him head first out the fire exit)
by Jay - He is the One June 04, 2005
A word of afection between siblings or close friends without using explicit vocabulary.
Yo niggs, whatcha want for dinner? Instead of:
Yo Sis, whatcha want for dinner?
by Jay - He is the one October 01, 2004

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