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Large breasted afro-carribean woamn, previosuly seen on Big Brother. Is obessed with damned Cherryade. Is currently advertising as prostitute
Yo geez, i need the malooshka, now i'm fucked after having bunned thy zooten snafen for dem franchise boyses in the jungle. i now need a canadian back-rub.
by Jay, Pukka, Rupert and Josh July 06, 2006
Something someone uses to take their anger out on if they have had a bad day at work or a bad day at school, can hit with large metal objects and can attempt to kick him in head. batteries not included action man sold seperately. Comes with 3 preset phrases; lacking in fore-skin is not a fault he was born that way. Tends to stink of draw
R.R.P. £12.99
I got me a new boggle bag last night for shizzle
by Jay, Pukka, Rupert and Josh July 06, 2006
a jewish abominance with a leather exo-skelton he also keeps his fore-skin in a jam jar. Is related to Abu Hamza as well as being an 18 year old virgin
Excuse me einen shtoolen boggle pass the zoot geez, also lets get naked!
by Jay, Pukka, Rupert and Josh July 06, 2006

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