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Seifer Almasy, the rival of Squall in Final Fantasy VIII. Obviously, he is way cooler and better than Squall, and should therefore instead have been the main character, or gotten his own game. Has his own Disciplinary Committe with which he exercises his great sense of righteousness.
"This is the scene where you swear your undying hatred for me!" - Seifer, Final Fantasy VIII
by Jawk Heehee October 19, 2006
Final Fantasy V is the fifth installment in Squaresoft (now evil Square-Enix) Final Fantasy series. It was released on the Super Famicom, but was not released in America originally, but was later fan-translated by a random pirate group. What they didn't know, their inaccurate translations would later become canon, even though a much better translation would be released for the GBA later.

Final Fantasy V utilizes Final Fantasy III's job system, allowing maximum customization for the four (one is eventually replaced) characters, with jobs like Warrior, Thief, Black Mage, Geomancer and Monk.

The game was largely criticized for its graphics, which were not a large improvement and in essence a modified version of Final Fantasy IV's.

It also has a great villain called Exdeath.
Hey, have you ever seen the fan translation for Final Fantasy V?

That was a fan translation? I thought it was a transcript from one of George Bush's speeches....OHH!!!!!!!!!
by Jawk Heehee May 11, 2007
Skambankt is a hard rock band from Norway. More politically questionable songs have never been written, and said band is better than most other bands in their genre. Besides, a band singing in the world's hardest dialect deserves your money.
Guy: Hey, dude, I just torched my Fergie album.
Dude: Why'd you do that, guy?
Guy: Skambankt told me to!
Dude: Wicked cool. Wicked pants!
by Jawk Heehee March 17, 2007

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