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People with alot of hair on the back of their necks.
See all that hair on the back of that guy's neck, that is what we call a fur-necki.
by Jaux T. Pose' November 09, 2006
When a skinny guy exclusively dates fat girls.
Man!! Look at the size of that girl, her boyfriend must have mancow's disease!
by Jaux T. Pose' February 01, 2007
A respected title, akin to the words king or pharaoh. Given to the man who has earned the title of Papaieil. Like the Highlander, there can only be one.
"Only Papaieil Can pass"
"The word of Papaieil"
"Only with a leap from the hog's head, will Papaieil prove his worth"
by Jaux T. Pose' November 30, 2006
A mexican man who looks like a caucasian.
Ehhhhh Papaieil, Eighyght!!!!
by Jaux T. Pose' December 06, 2007
A male boxer, who always has man breasts. This male boxer dresses up like a woman and boxes against women.
"The boxing queen is destroying that girl in the ring!"
by Jaux T. Pose' December 07, 2006

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