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Came from the Mandarin (Chinese) term "gao shou", which literally means "high hand". A gao shou is someone with a large amount of skill.
Dude! He's a gosu! He will definitely own you!!
by Jason Xu July 16, 2003
Superior to the more commonly used keys "wasd". The ESDF keys gives the player more bottons to the left of the hand thus resulting in total FPS game ownage.
Arrow keys - son of a noob
WASD - Boo urns
ESDF - You're gosu
by Jason Xu August 29, 2003
when a hydralisk (zerg unit) gets all horny and ejaculates on your terran medic

starcraft player with hidden cults and worshipped all over starcraft
all hail HoRnY-hYdRaLiSk
*bows down
by Jason Xu January 09, 2005
A little bit yellow, a little bit black. Usually just a Chinese guy pretending he's black and calling everyone his "nigga", but could also be someone of mixed racial background.
1. Tiger Woods is a chigger.
2. "Wasup my nigga?" said Charlie the chigger.
by Jason Xu August 27, 2003
North American Air Defense System! Their acronym spells naads which sounds like "nads". So they had to use the acronym NORAD. Pfffft
North America will defend its skys by using naads.
by Jason Xu August 29, 2003

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