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2 definitions by Jason Welch Grandmaster

A "Perp" occurs in a game of chess when one side can constantly keep checking the other's King with no way to stop it. The game is then a draw should the player who is doing all the checks refuses to stop.
By capturing his opponents Knight, he left his own King wide open to a Perp, thus allowing his opponent to be able to place it in check as many times as he wants without any way to stop it.
by Jason Welch Grandmaster January 08, 2013
In chess, a hung piece is one that your opponent captures
for free because you weren't paying attention to the position on the board.
Example 1: Johnny didn't notice the hung piece because his mind was somewhere else.

Example 2: "..His Rook is hanging! Capture it!
by Jason Welch Grandmaster January 08, 2013