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4 definitions by Jason Warren

To show no mercy. Refuse to give an opponent the oppurtunity to quit or rest. This use of quarter is probably derived from the meaning of quarter which refers to shelter, as in head quarters. Thus, no quarter means that your opponent is offered no retreat to shelter or protection.
"I shall give no quarter." Said the first dueller.
"None given or asked." Replied his opponent.
by Jason Warren October 26, 2003
A friend who doesn't help in times of difficulty. Likely nautical in nature, referring to the fact that when weather is good nearly anyone can help on a ship.
When Tom refused to help me move after my divorce I realized that he was a fair-weather friend.
by Jason Warren October 26, 2003
Anything that is plentiful with little value. Possibly this phrase originated in the early 1900's as a sale discount for candies that cost a penny.
Opinions are a dime a dozen.
by Jason Warren October 26, 2003
A guy who bones fat chicks.
(It also sounds like an oral giving homosexual. A variation of cock-smoker.)
That chubroller had to roll her in flour and aim it for the wet spot.
by Jason Warren October 26, 2003