10 definitions by Jason Vernon

Fun ass game in which one person is "it" and counts to 10 while the other players run away. The person then chases them and tries to catch them and hold on to them and saying "Manhunt 1-2-3" three times. If you succeed in this, the person who you caught is now "it" with you and has to help you catch the other players. Game continues until everyone is caught. Also known as "Ringo" in some circles.
"Yo let's play manhunt! That shit was mad fun last time!"
by Jason Vernon March 18, 2004
Synonym for manhunt
"Yo let's play ringo!"
by Jason Vernon March 18, 2004
To be overly enthusiastic about something. Synonym of thirst
"Damn son you mad urst! Be easy, the pizza's gonna come soon! Damn!"
by Jason Vernon March 18, 2004

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