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3 definitions by Jason Thompson

Superlative form of twisted. Beyond merely twisted.
Jesus Christ, my underwear got completely twisticated up my ass crack somehow just now.

I hate it when my heapdphone wires become magically twisticated around themselves.

There's nothing worse than trying to free a kid's toy from its packaging that's been all twisticated in place with those shitty wire ties.
by Jason Thompson December 20, 2008
Of, or pertaining to, a delicious, fun frozen beverage or treat (i.e., Icee, Slurpee, etc.). Superlative.
I sure could go for some frozenated refreshment right now.

Damn, that frozenated libation is the bomb diggity, yo.

Frozenated perfection was attained the summer the grape Fanta Slurpee was introduced.
by Jason Thompson December 20, 2008
Feces. The fecal matter deposited after taking a shit.
"Jesus, did someone just shit?"
"Yep! Danny Tanner came to visit me."

"Christ, was Danny Tanner here? Did you check the baby's diaper?"

"Wow, did you just drop off Danny Tanner or something? Go light a match, dude!"
by Jason Thompson April 17, 2007