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East Wood is a black hood in East Fort Worth,Texas also known as Funky Town and the Murder Worth. This hood contain mostly crips, but a large number of bloods because of its close ties and proximity with a another nortorious hood in the Funk Stop Six. During the 90's this black community along with Stop 6 saw numerous numbers of young black men loose there lives to gang violence. A large number of these deaths occured on Miller AVE. and Little John. The people of East Wood for the most part are proud of there community. Often reffering to it as East Wood, Texas.
East Wood is one of the most nortoroius hoods in the Funk and don't like to be disrespected by anyone including any other hoods in Fort Worth and Dallas. If ya come to the Funk u will probably here some body say "East Wood on mines".
by Jason Taylor 817 October 29, 2007
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