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(Tai- Kwan) (noun)
1. A complete and total nut sack
2.almost as cool as a Jelani but not quite
3.A guy who is kindve cool but not as awesome as he thinks
I thought he had the full on awesomeness of Jelani but he was just Taiquan
Dude that guy is just a Taiquan he couldn't even chug a keg he barely downed 5 beers
by Jason Steele-wise cracks October 15, 2011
1.A really pretty girl whose also intelligent, fun, and cool, but just a tad bit off
2.An adequate but not quite substitute for a Jelani
3.Hey its better than a Taiquan
1. Man i met this Sayara the other day but I'm too shy to ask her out
2. Hey my Sayara may not be as cool as Jelani but she's better than a Taiquan
by Jason Steele-wise cracks December 28, 2011
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