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Noun - A friend/brother that likes going on bad ass adventures. Whether it be Searching for The Lost Ark, Cup of Christ or The Temple of Doom.

Broskiana Jones is a crossbreed between
Bro and Indiana Jones
Philip: Hey there Broskiana Jones, hows it going? Have you found the Lost Ark yet?
Broskiana Jones: Naa I've been down on my luck.
Philip: Come on man get your game face on!
by Jason Spazington October 04, 2009
Verb - Raping of the brain caused by a complicated and or confusing problem.
This math problem is a brainal rape

Johnny was brainaly raped after that biology test.

Tim: Say James, did Jenny make sweet love to you last night at the party?
James: No shes such a brainal rape i just don't understand her.
by Jason Spazington September 24, 2009
Adj - A way of describing something that is awesomely out of pa portion.
Steve: Yo Brosef, did you just scissor kick that emo kid in the back of the head?
Brosef: Yeeee
Steve: Awesome Pajamas!!!
by Jason Spazington October 04, 2009
Verb - The act of punching someone in the shoe.

Shoe + Punch = Shpunch

Most people will shout this phrase out either before during or after the action of a shpunch.
Pauli: Yo Stew watup?
Stew: SHPUNCH!!!!!!!
(Stew Punch's Pauli in the Shoe leaving his foot in great pain)
Pauli: Aw shit!!! That hurt like a mother fucker!!

Sam shpunched Tony so hard that Tony's foot exploded.

If Abraham doesn't shut his mouth I'm gona shpunch his foot back to the 4rth grade!
by Jason Spazington October 04, 2009

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