2 definitions by Jason Sjobeck

this is very similar to Cisco Systems' proprietary Internetworking protocol, with the important difference that this is how homosexual human beings relate to one another.

Important note: this is in zero way meant to be derogatory or pejorative. Furthermore, it is stressed to all to not use this word incorrectly. This is meant to dispassionately relate an Internetworking communication method, with a human communication method.
The two gentleman used GRE (gay router encapsulation) to contact each other from across the crowded room.
by Jason Sjobeck November 07, 2008
Anything well past complicated. Complicated would be assembling a large set of Ikea furniture. Xomplicated is assembling a home automation system with multiple remote Swahili speech-recognition controls integrated with DTMF from softphones on Linux laptops on the other side of the world on a very lossy internet connection registered to an Asterisk 1.6.x server in a wiring closet across the street.
Wow, James, that ultrawideband wireless USB 3.0 hub connecting my laptop, my mobile phone, my printer, my DVR, my PBX, and my Prius is starting to get xomplicated.
by Jason Sjobeck March 28, 2008

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