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A girl you cant forget, just her laugh makes you smile, she's incredibly smart, athletic, sexy, and fights for what she wants. She keeps you on your feet, and constantly reminds you of why you fell in love with her in the first place. Yeah, she might make fun of you because you cant spell, or you have siblings that you cant stand, or you sleep with your fan on, but she knows exactly what to do to make you go crazy. This girl is amazing, and even that word isnt strong enough.
I want my kid to grow up and be a lyndsay.
#smart #athletic #sexy #amazing #fun
by Jason Ryan Johnson February 28, 2010
White girl wanna be gangster.
White girl: whaddup yo?
Guy: you're just a thuglet.
#thug #girl #boy #white #gangster
by Jason Ryan Johnson April 21, 2011
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