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A type of brainwashing invented by the government of the United States and crammed down your throat by schools since preschool. Translated into simpler terms, the pledge means this:

"I promise my complete loyalty to the flag of the United States, and to the government of the United States, which is a country in which everybody believes in and is ruled by 'God' and human rights are honored, with freedom and due process of law for everybody."

Although it promises human rights, there is no evidence of this elsewhere in the country, and half of the people who recite it every day probably do not know what it means. They just say it because they were told to, like good little subordinates.
Yolanda: "Have you recited the pledge of allegiance today?"
Richard: "No. I do not believe in such foolish brainwashing."
Yolanda: "This is not brainwashing"
Richard: "Uh oh, they have already infected you. Now you must be destroyed."
by Jason Q. Dedrickston December 15, 2004
A dead language. Often mocked and misunderstood by morons who learned it in second grade and abandoned it.
Scholar: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
Moron on computer: "omg u spk w/ gramr?!?!?!?!?! i thot no1 uzd it ne more!!!! wat do u uze it 4? y du u evn bothr? cuz leik no1 lieks 2 uz it cuz they r all dum!!@!! omgrotflmaocmailsxljjca2838ac83oacsmiley facecaz,s94u88447#$&@!!!!!!"
by Jason Q. Dedrickston August 19, 2005
The literal definition of this word is "to suffocate a person by means which leave no evidence, such as visual bruises and marks." i.e. to suffocate with a pillow or other soft object.
Trevor: "Have you seen Billy?"
Octavia: "No, I haven't. Do you think he's been burked?"
Muffled voice under a pillow: "Trevor, can you assist me in escaping?"
Trevor: "I don't know, did I just hear Billy under that pillow?"
Octavia: *sits on pillow* "No, thtat was just the air conditioning kicking on."
by Jason Q. Dedrickston August 19, 2005
The store is a fabled land referenced to in the phrase "Go to the store, eh?' and is most likely specifically the grocery-type of store.
Gertrude: "Go to the store, eh?"
Timothy: "The grocery-type store?"
Gertrude: "Yes, the grocery-type store."
by Jason Q. Dedrickston December 15, 2004

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