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1 definition by Jason Mirque

A small village in Rockland county, NY where the locals suffer through countless metro drone yuppies being funneled into their town, through the media by zealous, immigrated, neo-fascist, communists.

These instances run the gamut from erasure and banning of the mascot by the non-locally raised, yuppie run, communist school board to the slow but sure change of Nyack's landscape from beautiful loved rockland county village with much tradition to generic, sloppy, unrecognizable, money grubbing, un-gentrified receptacle for disrespectful transients that are only here because the word is that it's a cool place.
Damn, I really miss the old days in Nyack.

It was only ten years ago that Nyack was still a beautiful place where you recognized most of the few thousand people.

If you're grandma lives in Nyack, she might end up living in the projects.
by Jason Mirque October 12, 2008
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