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in 50s and 60s britain two youth groups emerged the rockers and the mods; the rockers liked american movie culture and drove round on motorbikes wearing leather jackets and boots, my grandfather was a rocker and he went down to Brighton many times to give the mods a good kicking. This is nowadays confused sometimes with the american version that are goths the 50s british rockers were cool unlike those black-clad skunks.
50s man: look at those rockers kicking in the mods.
by Jason Bourne April 08, 2005
A fraudulent network that trots out talentless dysfunctions and social agendas and serves it to unsuspecting citizens in the guise of "music entertainment". As mtvdotcrap.blogspot.com puts it "a waste of cable bandwidth".
They've actually called Avril Lavigne's music "punk". Need I say more. see empty-v mtv
by jason bourne January 25, 2005
The extracts from roots of plants and shrubs used for medicinal purposes or something else are calle "JADI BOOTI"
Give the man some kind of jadi booti
by Jason Bourne August 06, 2004
1 loves erin so much!!!
2 doesnt like showers
3 goes poo after a meal
4 plays video games
5 thinks he is the bombass
erinpoo: where is ishpoo?
by JASON BOURNE March 23, 2005
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