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4 definitions by Jasmine Noel

Any type of snacking or trail mix food created as a substitue for expensive brand name goods normally unaffordable by ghetto dwellers and 'hood-munks.
"Crunch n' Munch?! Pshhh...Boy this crack n' smack!"
by Jasmine Noel December 03, 2002
14 7
An adjective describing a person so moronic in nature that their stupidity could perform an act in the circus all by itself and take up the space of two elephant tents.
"I'm sorry. I would have gotten here sooner but my spanglotard stylist was yapping on his cell phone the whole time."
by Jasmine Noel December 03, 2002
4 4
An adjective describing the condition in which one's hair begins to puff, rendering it painful to comb and practically impossible to style.
Alex: "Hey Shameka. Wanna come to my pool party?"

Shameka: "Pool party?! No thanks. One dip and I'll be afrocidic for weeks."
by Jasmine Noel December 03, 2002
3 3
A word of greeting or acknowledgement of a greeting.
Sally: "Hello Mary."

Mary: "Skibbles!"

Sally: "What up?"
by Jasmine Noel December 03, 2002
6 11